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Jordan ranks 86th out of 129 countries in Global Innovation Index

AMMAN — Jordan ranks 86th out of 129 countries, and 9th in the Arab world in terms of innovation, which is “in line with expectations of development,” according to the 2019 Global Innovation Index.

With a score of 29.61 out of 100, 67.24 being the highest mark achieved by a country in the index, Jordan’s score has decreased by 1.16 points from last year’s score of 30.77. However, Jordan rose from ranking as the 12th lower-middle income country to the 26th among upper-middle income countries, according to the report.

“I think we still need to do a lot in this regard, because this index has a lot to do with research and development happening in universities and other things,” Nidal Bitar, CEO of the ICT Association of Jordan ([email protected]) told The Jordan Times on Thursday. “But in terms of the private sector, we have talented companies, talented human resources… so we are doing well, but still, we need to do more.”

The index, issued by the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, INSEAD & WIPO, aims to allows countries to assess their respective national innovations systems as well as incentivise countries to “collect fitting innovation metrics”, according to the report.  

Jordan showed strength in relation to the intensity of local competition in the market, its regulatory environment, the percentage of graduates in science and engineering and the state of tertiary education overall. The Kingdom also performed well its state of cluster development, and in print manufacturing and other media, in addition to mobile app creation, according to the report. 

Areas of weakness for Jordan included the business environment, which entails ease of resolving insolvency, PISA scales in reading, maths and science, ease of getting credit, overall investment and the percentage of total trade ICT services imported, among other things, according to the report. 

The United Arab Emirates ranked first among Arab countries and 36th among all countries listed in the index, with a score of 42.17, followed by Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco, Bahrain, Oman and Jordan. 

Arab countries trailing Jordan included Lebanon, Egypt, Algeria and Yemen, with Yemen ranking last in the index at 129th out of 129 countries in the report.